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While flying in Costa Rica is generally considered safe the weather conditions often make flying a longer endeavor than a leisurely drive across the country. Due to the nature of flying over a rain forest flights are routinely delayed and often eventually canceled. As airlines do not have additional planes to fly people grounded due to weather, travelers are often simply on their own! Flight times and locations are also limited. As such travelers are often required to spend an extra day in San Jose before going on to their destination or departing the country. If you want to spend the most time zipping down those canopy lines or soaking in the mineral pools contact me for a transfer 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Driving in the rain forest, and foreign country can be difficult and at the best stressful. Insurance is expensive and mandatory. Rental cars here are often difficult to acquire, sometimes lack features like air conditioning, and worst of all are quite expensive. As if that isn't enough, the most common crime here are thefts or scams surrounding rental cars. If you have a large group or simply want to make the most of your trip consider taking your tour with an experienced driver who knows the country like the back of his hand. If you do rent a car we suggest doing so for short periods of time for local transportation near your destination.

  • For tour suggestions see our links page, the first takes you to the Costa Rican Board of Tourism which is an excellent resource for planning your trip.

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